Alternative Solution to Military Radio Retransmission Teams

Military units at the brigade level and above may need to retransmit LOS radio communications, in order to integrate forward area personnel into the radio net. Usually, this is a risky operation that places a retrans team into an unsecure, remote area.

The ICRI can be used to eliminate this risk by bridging/connecting line-of-sight radios to beyond-line-of-sight radios (LOS to BLOS), for example FM to HF or TACSAT.

This small device extends the range of FM radios (or any other type of radio) to integrate company/battalion/brigade units that are dispersed across the battlefield, without the need for a retrans team.

Batallion to Brigade Communications using ICRI for radio retransmission

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The diagram, shown to the left, was created by a member of the 4th Infantry Division. This illustration shows how the ICRI can be used to interconnect the brigade at different echelons, without risking the safety of members in a retrans team.



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