C-AT Completes Installation Wireless and Wired Intercom System at PCAPP

Communications-Applied Technology has recently completed the installation of its wired and wireless/radio intercom system for DPE (Demilitarization Protective Ensemble) entrants, support personnel and control room/operations at PCAPP (Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant) in Pueblo, Colorado.

C-AT DPE Communications Suite

C-AT DPE Communications Suite

C-AT began work on this project in July of 2013, as a subcontractor to Bechtel National Inc., and has recently completed the installation of a multi-building, space-phase array, fixed antenna network, as well as repeaters, wired intercom stations, a logging recorder interface and an alarm/ fault system at the site.



Performing Maintenance Work in DPE Suits with C-AT Radios at NECDF

Performing Maintenance Work in DPE Suits with C-AT Radios at NECDF


This system is heavily based upon the radio, headset, antenna network and “wired” intercom technology and hardware that C-AT has successfully implemented at other U.S. Army sites including: CAMDS, JACADS, TOCDF, UMCDF, NECDF.



Key system features include:

  • Low technical interface to ensure ease of use.
  • All intercoms (wired or wireless) are capable of providing hands-free, full-duplex/hot mic, two way voice communications. Wired intercoms are capable of push-to-talk operation as well.
  • This system has been linked to the high power, Motorola trunked radio system at PCAPP
  • The radios are compatible with unique, single use DPE-PPE, Level “A” and “B” PPE including all SCBA masks, cartridge respirators, and PAPR respiratory protection.
  • Multiple intercom channels available to support multiple, simultaneous entry/ops teams


For more information on the commercially available version of this intercom system, contact us at info@c-at.com

Additional information on PCAPP and its activities are available at: http://www.peoacwa.army.mil/pcapp/

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