Enhancing Public Safety Emergency Radio Communications of Inside Schools

I recently found a blog entry, titled “Failed Police Radios at Sandy Hook Raises Common Safety Issue”, on the website of National School Safety and Security Services, an organization that offers expertise in the following areas: security assessments, emergency plan evaluations and crisis communications.

In the post, Chuck Hibbert, a former state police officer and a former school district security director, asserts the following:

The failure of the radios to fully work does not appear to have been a major issue in resolving this event. However, it illustrates a fairly common issue we encounter in school security and emergency preparedness consultations across the nation…..School and first responder leaders should be aware if this problem exists in a school under their command.  It is not a difficult question to ask: Do your two-way radios work inside our schools?

If a public safety agency does find less than adequate coverage of their trunked radio system inside of a school, then are a few commercially available solutions to improve RF coverage. One possible option is our product, the ICRI-2P.

The ICRI-2P configuration is capable of extending radio communications to areas of poor RF propagation, such as the basement of a school building. It is designed to be rapidly deployed as a tactical repeater. The ICRI-2P is lightweight, quick and easy to setup with minimal operator training or technical knowledge of radios.


ICRI-2P Tactical Repeater with case open

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ICRI-2P Tactical Repeater with case closed

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To read the entire blog entry, visit the following: http://www.schoolsecurity.org/2013/12/failed-police-radios-at-sandy-hook-raises-common-safety-issue/


If you would like more information on the ICRI-2P:


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