How to connect the ICRI – Radio Gateway to WAVE® by Twisted Pair

Although the ICRI is most often used to connect radios and telephones, it is also capable of connection to a VoIP–based system, such as the Cisco®  Unified Communications Manager or WAVE® by Twisted Pair Solutions.

Like other gateways, connecting the ICRI to WAVE would require a Cisco E/M card and router, in addition to the WAVE platform itself.

To setup this connection, the ICRI would connect to an E/M card that is installed in a Cisco router. The E/M card would then need to be setup to be recognized by WAVE. Audio would pass between the E/M card and the 4-wire telephone interface inside of the ICRI.

Because the ICRI is VOX based, it does not need signaling from the router to detect incoming audio.

ICRI Radio Telephone Interconnect

Connection from ICRI to Telephone


Alternatively, the ICRI could be connected to a telephone that is already operating on the WAVE platform, via its 4-wire telephone interface, as well.




The following webpage provides more detailed technical information on the topic of connecting radios to a Cisco Router and WAVE, which is similar to the configuration needed to connect a gateway.


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