ICRITM Radio ”Bridge” Integration with PTS Power Supply Docking Station

An ICRI-2PMTM (NSN 5820-01-564-4593) and the PTSTM vehicle-mount power supply/radio docking station, have been integrated to expand the functionality of tactical military radios (i.e.: PRC-117, PRC-150, PRC-152, PSC-5, RT-1523).

The Perkins Technical Services AC/DC docking station supplies power to these and other dismounted mobile radios.

The integration of the ICRI now permits an RTO to rapidly “bridge” the radios in the docking station, to function as an LOS-to-BLOS repeater even when the radios are operating with otherwise incompatible wave forms, frequency bands, or encryption keys.

Download Literature: PTS Power Supply integrated with ICRI-2PM LOS-to-BLOS repeater

Download Literature: ICRI-2PM Literature

Download Literature: DTMF Control of Radio “Bridge”

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