ICRI Supports Communications During Small Town Racing Event


Recently, a semi-annual racing event, drew a large crowd to a small town. Fire and law enforcement agencies, from many surrounding counties, provided additional support during the race.

A Radio Communications Problem

Racing Event

Racing Event

When in their own jurisdictions, these fire and law enforcement agencies operate on their own radio systems. As a result, their radios were incompatible with those of other agencies at the event. Additionally, the host agency (in whose jurisdiction the event took place) had a small number of radios available for loan in its cache. While the state radio cache did have radios available for loan, it was better to reserve them for emergency incidents.

The Simple Solution

Because the event host rented portable radios for their own staff (such as Ice, IT, jumbo–tron operators), additional radios were also rented for the public safety agencies. The radios were sixteen-channel, UHF, conventional radios. One of the sixteen channels was used for fire and law enforcement.

The host agency operated a trunked system on 800 MHz.

Inside of its command vehicle, the host agency had a UHF mobile radio with the conventional channel frequency pre-programmed (since this event occurs semi-annually). The UHF mobile and 800 MHz mobile were patched together through the ICRI.

Command Vehicle Setup/Configuration

ICRI - Audio Switch Inside Command Vehicle Rackmount

ICRI – Audio Switch Inside Command Vehicle, Rackmount

There are 4 radio ports on the back of host agency’s ICRI. One for each of the mobile radios mounted in the 19″ wide rack inside of their command vehicle. Additionally, there is a radio port on the front of the ICRI, for easy access when a portable radio needs to be added to the bridging.

The antenna jacks from each of these radios (portable or mobile) can be connected to a patch panel, directly above the rack. In this way, the radios’ antenna can be remoted to the roof or mast  on the vehicle, providing better coverage for the trunking system or increasing range of coverage between the command vehicle and units in the field, when operating on a conventional channel.


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