Improving Radio Coverage Using a Repeater

The ICRITM is a simple, low cost, tactical solution to improving radio coverage in a wide range of environments using an agency’s pre-existing radios.

ICRI-2P with Radios as a Repeater

This small device can be used as an in-band or cross-band repeater to extend the range of any radio frequency (HF, VHF, UHF) or platform (P25, analog/digital, simplex/trunking). Radios can also be connected to telephones (cellular, land-line ,VoIP) or satellite terminals (BGAN, MSAT/G2, Iridium).


Radio coverage can be extended in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • a trunked radio system into remote areas
  • fire ground channels into a ravine or over a hilltop
  • into tunnels, caves and other confined spaces
  • into ships, heavily reinforced buildings and below grade (basements etc.)

The ICRI can also be used to extend Line-Of-Sight radios over Beyond-Line-Of-Sight radios or telephones

This device is lightweight, self-powered and does not require a computer for setup or operation. It can be operated from a vehicle or carried to the incident by a single individual of average physique.

If you would like request a loan unit for a no-cost field evaluation, or would like additional information, please contact us at or +1-703-481-0068 / +1-800-229-3925

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