Radio, Cell Phone and Satellite Terminal Interface Cables Available for Military Customers

We have produced interface cables for over 500 unique radios, cell phones and satellite terminals/devices. Below is a partial listing of recently requested interface cables. If you need a cable for a device that is not on this list,  please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Interface cables are available for the following radios:

  • HarrisTM Unity XG-100M Mobile Radio
  • HarrisTM Unity XG-100P Portable Radio
  • MotorolaTM APX 6500/7500 Multi-Band Mobile Radio
  • MotorolaTM APX 6000/7000 Multi-Band Portable radio
  • MotorolaTM SRX2200
  • PRC-117, 148, 152, 153 and 1523

Cell phone interface cables, available, include:

  • BlackBerryTM Bold
  • AppleTM iPhone
  • SamsungTM GALAXY
  • MotorolaTM DROID

And interfaces for the following satellite terminals

  • IridiumTM 9505, 9555
  • PSC-5

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