C-AT® Rep. At Mining Tech Forum

The event was hosted in Bejing, China by the State Administration of Work Safety — an government entity responsible for mine safety regulations in China.

The goal of this conference was to support the government of China’s initiative to build responsive, flexible and effective emergency rescue systems, improving rescue and accidents treatment capabilities.

Mr. WuQi, president of Nanjing Xuangu Emergency Communication System Co., was on-site to demonstrate the ICRI, tactical radio gateway, and its benefits to emergency response, command and control, and communications.

The ICRI is used by public safety agencies to bridge dissimilar radios (HF/VHF/UHF/7-900Mhz, Analog/Conventional, Trunked/Digital), telephones (Cell/Land-line/VoIP) and satellite transceivers, for coordinating multi-agency incident response. The ICRI is also an effective repeater for enhancing RF coverage, during confined space entries in building, ships and tunnels.

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