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The ICRI® Radio Interoperability Gateway SystemFor use in mutual aid operation and incident response, the ICRI® Radio Interoperability Gateway System can be used to interconnect municipal, state and federal radios, public safety and military radios, land-line/satellite telephones, 700Mhz, 800Mhz, UHF, VHF, VoIP devices, TETRA, cell phones and more, within minutes after deployment.

Features and Mission Capabilities

Easy-to-Setup and Easy-to-Operate

— Virtually plug-n-play.

Multiple Configurations Available

— Includes Rack Mount or Portable, Waterproof, VoIP, SATCOM

Low Initial Cost, Low Sustainment Cost

Operates on a Wide Range of Voltage Sources
Interoperable Communications for Emergency and Disaster Response Teams
— Possible sources include, “AA” batteries, 7 – 21 VDC, 115VAC at 60Hz or 220VAC at 50Hz, vehicle power

Lightweight and Portable

— Can be easily carried/transported to any incident by a single person.

Rugged and Durable

— Will operate in harsh environmental conditions.

Seamlessly Connect Any Radios

— Interface legacy, APCO P25, trunking, digital, TETRA, SATCOM

Options & Configurations

The ICRI radio bridging device, is available in a wide range of optional configurations that allow it to be customized to meet the needs of public safety agencies, first responders and the military. The configurations listed below can be further tailored to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Options & Configurations

Radio Interoperability - 2 and 4 Talk Group, 5 Port

2 and 4 Talk Group, 5 Port – The “Gold Standard”

Portable and rapidly deployable, radio interoperability in a small, rugged package. Selection of the National Guard WMD/CST ADVON Vehicle communications cache and hundreds of federal, state and local public safety agencies Read More >>

Tactical Repeater - "2PED" - 2 Port, Environmental

ICRI-2PED – 2 Port, Environmental

Tactical repeater – Designed to enhance communications in areas of poor RF propagation. (i.e. inside buildings, tunnels or caves)

"ICRI-E" - 2 Talk Group, 5 Port - Environmental

“ICRI-E” – 2 Talk Group, 5 Port – Environmental

Environmental – built into a ruggedized, waterproof and sand-proof housing (Selection of DoD Guardian II Base Force Protection)

Manuals & Literature

Manuals and Literature

The following information is available for download:





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ICRI in use by Joplin and Jasper Co. Law Enforcement

ICRI-E: Major Components, Setup and Operation