ICRI®-2PE Deconable, Interop, Repeater

Extends radio communications for responders operating beyond normal signal coverage For quick-deploy use by security, fire, police, USAR and hazmat teams in: Subway tunnels and underground parking garages High-rise, shopping malls, airports Stadiums, arenas and casinos Ravines, caves, cliff-side operations Shipboard operations.

2peThe ICRI 2P-E (2 Port – Environmental) is a light weight, portable repeater that enhances emergency responders’ command & control communications in building, below grade, and other non-line of sight emergency situations. The 2P-E also ‘bridges’ any two incompatible radio, cell, satellite, and landline phones, providing interoperability. Environmentally protected, the 2P-E measures 10” x 10” x 5” and operates for 24 hours on 6 “AA” batteries. Combined the 2P-E and 250′ cable-reel weigh 20 lbs.

For more info contact Communications-Applied Technology, 1-800-229-3925 or www.RadioInteroperability.com