ICRI® Evaluation By Rio PD

While working under simulated emergency conditions, he successfully used the radio gateway to interconnect a standard, analog radio, a Kenwood radio, TETRA TK370G and SEPURA SRH3500.

Capt. Renato used those radios to test the ICRI’s ability to bridge analog radios in simplex mode with digital TETRA radios in Direct Mode of Operation (DMO).  In addition, the ICRI successfully interconnected the analog radios with digital TETRA radios operating on the TETRA trunked infrastructure.

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About the ICRI:

The ICRI, radio interoperability gateway, is designed for use in mutual aid operation and incident response, to interconnect municipal, state and federal radios, public safety and military radios, land-line/satellite telephones, 700Mhz, 800Mhz, UHF, VHF, VoIP devices, TETRA, cell phones and more, within minutes after deployment.

For more information on the ICRI, visit: ICRI Radio Interoperability