IP/Ethernet Controlled Prototype

The ICRI will include the following technical specifications

  • 5, 10 or 15 radios (all VOX or COR)
  • 1 SIP VoIP interface
  • 1 PSTN interface (full interface with coupler)
  • 1 SATCOM interface
  • 1 cell phone/telephone port interface
  • 1 local handset
  • 1 extra handset (with remote control) or one “utility” port
  • 4 chanel audio delay (same as existing, plus “zero delay” option)
  • Recording Audio output
  • Seperate DC input for regulators for Ethernet module, VoIP gateway and Ethernet hub

In the event that the IP/Ethernet  connection between the remote computer is lost, the ICRI interoperability gateway will reestablish itself to operate independently

Below are the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the prototype


In the screen above, talk groups can be remotely assigned to any device attached to the ICRI interoperability gateway


In the screen above, audio buffer delays, vox tail time and additional configurations can be modified to any device attached to the ICRI

For more information, vist the ICRI Interoperability Gateway page or contact us via our website