IP/Software Controlled Radio Gateway


Communications-Applied Technology released the 4th generation of its radio interoperability gateway, known as the ICRITM. This new generation is capable of being fully IP/Software Controlled while deployed at an emergency incident, or in support of drug interdiction or coalition forces partnership.

Supports the Following Devices:

  • Portable and Mobile Radios
  • Handset/Headset
  • Cellular/Land-line and Iridium Telephone
  • VoIP/RoIP via SIP
  • BGAN SAT Phone
  • PSTN

Mission Features and Capabilities:

Remote Control of Talk Group Selection via Software GUI

–individually assign talk group selection to each port

Remote Control of Channel Settings via Software GUI

— control input/output levels, VOX threshold, audio buffer delay, time out timer, selection of COR (+ or -) or VOX

Manual Control Talk Group Selection via Rotary Switches

Manual Control of VoIP, PSTN and BGAN Interface via Toggle Switches

Tactical Design

— rapidly deployable during man-made or natural disasters

— can be powered by internal “AA” batteries

User-Friendly Interface

— easy-to-setup, easy-to-use. Can be deployed in under 5 minutes

— setup and operation requires minimal technical expertise or support

Ruggedized Construction

— integrated into waterproof, Pelican-brand 1600 carrying case

— does not require forced air cooling or clean external power