In-Building/Below Grade Repeater System

In-Building/Below Grade Repeater System



ICRI 2PED In Building Below-Grade Repeater SystemEntry into ships, tunnels and heavily reinforced buildings each severely degrade the quality of radio communications. Enhance radio communications by using the ICRI 2PED with cable reels, to link the entry team back to the commander, for monitoring and support.

Mission Features and Capabilities

Easy-to-Setup and Easy-to-Operate

— Virtually plug-n-play.

Rugged and Durable

— Housed in a Waterproof and Deconable carrying case

Low Initial Cost, Low Sustainment Cost

Operates on a 6 “AA” batteries

Lightweight and Portable

— Can be easily carried/transported to any incident by a single person.

Rugged and Durable

— Will operate in harsh environmental conditions.

Seamlessly Connect Any Radios

— Interface legacy, APCO P25, trunking, digital, TETRA, SATCOM


Caves, Tunnels and Heavily Reinforced/Concrete Buildings.


The following presentations are available for download:

In-Building/Below Grade Communications Exercises: