CBRNE PPE Headset with P-T-T

CBRNE PPE Headset with P-T-T


CBRNE PPE Headset with P-T-T
The CBRNe PPE radio headset/P-T-T is compatible with Level A/B/C PPE SCBA/M-4x/M-50 masks/PAPRS. It was Developed by C-AT® from 30 years of chem-bio demil experience for the CST Recon and CERF-P “hot zone” entries. Throughout the design and manufacturing of the headset, PTT “button” size, location, pressure required to “key” the radio, and stability inside a Level “A” were all concerns and were successfully addressed.

Mission Features and Benefits

Accelerometer-Based Throat Microphone

–Minimizes in-suit and ambient “noise” being transmitted over XTS

–Five sizes of neck straps are available to accommodate 99th percentile male/female users

–Optional “moleskin” solution to secure the microphone

Biaural, Non-Occluding Speakers and Alternate Non-Occluding Inserts

–Improves speech comprehension in Level “A”.

Radio Interface Cable

–Interfaces the CBRNe radio headset with a any commercial or military LMR

Audio “Shaping” Circuit

–enhances user speech for improved listener comprehension

Radio “Key ” Switch

–eliminates single point failure in a switch that would prevent user voice transmission

Low Power Consumption

–eliminates battery replacement, and storage issues that could result in devices damaged by a leaking battery

–current drain does not exceed 10mA.


IDHL Environments