TM-A Model Headset | Intrinsically SafeThe TM-A headset is designed for use in Level “A” and Level “B” PPE. The assembly is fully compatible with all SCBA, PAPR system and respiratory protection. TM-A/IS is intrinsically safe.

Mission Features and Benefits

Dual “Open Ear” Style Speaker/Earshells

–Improves sound quality and voice discrimination for a TM-A headset user.

–Allows a TM-A headset user to hear ambient noise, including talk thru conversations and equipment alarms.

Throat Microphone Accelerometer

–Vibration sensing microphone to suppress transmission of ambient noise over the radio

–Range of soft elastic strap lengths from 15” to 25” to accommodate different TM-A headset users

Audio “Shaping” Circuit

–Enhances user speech for improved listener comprehension

Radio Interface Cable

–Configurable to connect with any C-AT® portable radio

Low Power Consumption

–Current drain does not exceed 2mA

Additional Configurations:

–Dual-muff headset HS-9TM and HS-9TM/IS

–Radio Interface to MotorolaTM and other commercial and military radios


IDHL Environments